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Jun. 9th, 2016


When The Tides Turn (Chapter 8)

“Why did you help me?” that was Draco’s first question when he woke up. It was evening and Harry was dozing on a chair beside his bed. He was startled by the question.
“I don’t know. Conscience may be.” Harry murmured.
Harry offered water as Draco began to cough violently.
“What day is today?” Draco enquired between coughing.
“Wednesday. You came here yesterday night.”
Draco did not give any reply. He gazed down the streets beside the window. The sun was same orange color as it was previous day, yet so many things had changed. He could never watch a setting sun without remembering the incident, Narcissa illuminated by green cursed light. He would never see her again or feel her warm touch as she hugged him when he returned to Manor during vacation. He would miss her dotting, her gifts, her sweet smell. And there was nobody to console him. Both Lucius and Severus were gone. He would do anything to see any of them. He would welcome Lucius’s scolding and Severus’s glare if that would bring them back. But all of them were dead. He was alone. There was nobody who cares about him unconditionally. There was nobody who would fight for him. He had to survive on his own. Draco’s breath hitched as he tried to hold on the tears.
“Draco?” Harry enquired at the sudden sound.
“Please leave me alone!” Draco begged.
“What happened Draco?” Harry tried to move in front of Malfoy.
“I said to leave me alone!” Draco snarled, his hands curling around the bed sheet.
“Ok. I’ll leave you for half an hour. Then I’ll return. You need to take your potion.” Harry left the room.
Draco was very much upset and he was probably angry and crying. This much Harry knew from his own experience. He was practically begging him to leave. He knew he would be embarrassed if he could not control his emotion in front of his rival.
Harry came to the garden and sat on the low wall watching the sunset. The Dursely’s returned in the morning but they kept to themselves. Aunt Petunia made their lunch but did not offer Harry any. But she did not bother when Harry made sandwich for himself.
After half an hour Harry returned to his room. He knocked and entered.
“You need to drink your potions.” Harry opened the vials and handed out a glass with measured drops towards Draco.
Draco was more composed now. He took the potions without protests.
“I need to use the wash room.” Draco said, his eyes focused on his feet.
“Can you walk on your own?” Harry asked.
Silence met him. He sighed and offered his hand
“You need to grab a hold on my hand then.”
Reluctantly Draco leaned on Harry as he took him to wash room. Draco’s finger was unable to open the knots of his pyjama pants. But before anything Harry helped him with it. Draco’s face turned beet red with embarrassment. Harry left him on the commode and stayed outside. After hearing the splash he returned again.
“Do not think I am some helpless kitty or damsel in distress who could not survive without your help Potter.” Draco sneered as he returned to his (or Potter’s) bed. His breath hitched with exertion.
‘The courage of that little ungrateful bastard. After everything Harry did’ Harry was angry. His fingers curled in a feast.
Draco inwardly smirked with satisfaction.
“Where is my wand Potter?” Draco asked. He did not feel safe without his wand.
“Your wand is in my custody. Until we hear the full story of your side and decide whether you can be trusted, the wand remains with me.” Harry answered.
Draco became pale. “What do you mean by full story? I already told you my side of story.” Draco was nervous ‘No they can’t ask me that!’ He inwardly screamed.
“You will be questioned under veritaserum. They’ll be here soon.” Before Draco’s reply Harry left the room.
Harry felt guilty saying it to Malfoy. He would never want to divulge his deepest darkest secrets to some unknown person. But this is war.
Soon their calling bell rang. Moody, Arthur and a very dishevelled looking Lupin appeared on their doorstep.
“Remus! How are you? You look ill!” Harry asked.
“Nothing Harry. Just day after full moon. How is Mr. Malfoy?” Remus enquired.
“As good as he can be. Still an arrogant cockroach!” Harry said, still hurt by Malfoy’s comment.
“He would pretend to appear as the same person before though he was broken” Remus replied “Alastor! Do we still need to do this? I told you what I heard from other werewolves!”
“We need to hear the story from him. What you heard are rumours. We need to know the full story.” Moody was convinced.
Malfoy was sitting curled on himself. He did not want to relive the memory. He did not want to be questioned under veritaserum.
There was a knock and then Mad eye Moody, Weasley’s dad, Professor Lupin entered the bedroom followed by none other than the golden boy Potter.
“How are you Draco?” The werewolf enquired as if he was worried for him.
“I will be fine if you please leave me alone.” Draco tried his best behaviour.
“That is not possible Mr. Malfoy” Moody answered “As we heard you wanted asylum from Harry and to protect you we must ensure your loyalty.”
“We will administer only few drops of veritaserum and ask some question. It’ll take no time.” Mr. Weassley elaborated.
“But I do not want veritaserum. I was telling the truth.”Draco tried to argue.
“Please Mr. Malfoy! It is a necessity.” Arthur argued back.
But Draco struggled hard when Moody offered him veritaserum. At last Arthur hold him down as the infamous potion was forcefully administered on him. Draco soon became docile.
“Please tell your name” Mad eye asked.
“Draco Lucius Malfoy.” Draco’s voice was calm.
“Yesterday you asked asylum from Mr. Harry Potter. Why?”
“It was all part of plan.”
Moody’s eye glittered at the statement.
“What plan Draco?” Lupin asked.
“My mother and Severus planned that after rescuing me they’ll take help from Potter.”
Harry sighed a relieved sigh.
“Where are they now?”
“And your father?”
“Also dead.”
Harry was shocked to learn that Snape was dead. But he felt horrible learning Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy were also dead. He could not forgive himself as he remembered his comment about Narcissa the previous night.
“Who was responsible for their death Draco?” Lupin asked.
Everyone was so shocked by Draco’s answer.
“How is that Mr. Malfoy?” Alastor asked.
As Draco revealed the entire story Harry could not help but felt guilty for behaving like prick the previous night. He heart ached with empathy. He could not help but compare how Narcissa tried to protect her son over her own life just like Lily. He understood Draco’s sorrow as he knew how painful survivor’s guilt is. He felt a bond towards the blond boy.
The only thing positive of the entire story was Nagini’s death. Unbeknownst to him, Draco had destroyed another horecrux. No wonder, dark lord was so angry with them. First the diary was destroyed because of Lucius, next Draco killed Nagini. He would probably in no. 2 hit list of Voldemort after Harry.
Draco was exhausted by the end of the story. His weak body could not handle the pain and sorrow he relieved during the interrogation and he was slurring by the end. Mr. Weasley’s face was white as he felt horrified for the boy, he was of same age as Ronald and however nasty he might be he did not deserve this. Remus’s face was grim, only Moody was expressionless, his mind already too scarred by horrors of war.
“May be we should let Draco rest. He is tired.” Remus suggested with full authority.
They left the room after that. Harry tried to come after them but Remus blocked him.
“No Harry. You are required here. Draco needs you now. We’ll be going for today. Tomorrow we will inform you about our decision.”
“We know he is a victim but we need to plan his protection.” Remus said.
Harry returned to his room to see Draco was lying on the bed. His face pressed to the pillow which was soaked with tears. The potion stripped him of his last dignity.
“You know Potter, these are all rapes. Rape of body and rape of mind. Avery, Dolohov and Macnair raped my body and the dark lord and you people raped my mind.” He whispered, his voice trembling from suppressed tears.
“I am sorry Malfoy!” Harry was guilt ridden. Malfoy’s words rang true under the after effect of veritaserum.
“Don’t be. Even I know it was necessary. But it did not make it less painful.” Draco whispered “Sometimes I want to kill myself, but I deserve all of this, isn’t it? I did so much wrong in my life, I was so mean to all of the people, because of me they….they died.” His voice hitched.
“Nobody deserves it Draco. You are not responsible for anything.” Harry tried to convince him. His heart filled with ache for this person. He continued to muttered assurances to Draco. Soon, his body relaxed and he was fast asleep.
“I’ll not let anyone hurt you again Draco.” Harry vowed, his hand cradling Draco’s on his lap.

Jun. 2nd, 2016


When The Tides Turn (Chapter 7)

Harry carried an unconscious Draco Malfoy towards his room.
“What are you doing boy?” Uncle Vernon roared.
“He is unconscious and bleeding. Death-eaters ummm some bad people are after him. I just can’t leave him there.” Harry granted as he heaved dead weight of Draco over the stairs.
“Listen boy! This is my house and I do not want another of you in here. I don’t care what happens to him.”
Something sharp like guilt pierced Harry’s soul. Did not he behave just like that earlier? And Vernon does not even know Malfoy but Harry studied with him for last six years.
“You have to deal with it uncle. I will not leave him.” Harry answered determinedly.
“What you little ungrateful brat..”
“It is for better Vernon” aunt Petunia interfered “What if neighbours see the boy and call police. You know how scandalous that will be?”
Harry fumed inwardly. Even if a man was on the verge of death, his aunt was only thinking about their reputation. But this comment stopped Vernon from protesting further and Harry dragged Draco through stairs and deposited him on his bed. In the bright light of his room Malfoy was looking more pale and feverish, his wounds striking out over his pallid feature.
‘What are you upto Malfoy? What’s been done to you?’ Harry thought inwardly.
As he moved away from Malfoy one bloodied hand caught his as Draco murmured
“Please! Don’t leave me alone!”
“Draco?” Harry sat beside the bed on the floor “What happened?”But Draco was still unconscious. He murmured through his unconsciousness
“Mother! Please do not hurt my mother. Please! Do whatever with me. Leave them alone. Stop!” he cried and moaned in his sleep.
“Malfoy!” Harry tried again. He got startled as he heard knock on their door for the second time and Uncle Vernon’s loud cursing which stopped almost immediately. He climbed down the stairs and found Arthur and Moody on the ground floor. His uncle, aunt and cousin were standing at the furthest corner from them eying Mad eye in utter fear.
“Arthur! Alastor!” Harry was surprised.
“Constant Vigilance Harry!” Mad eye barked. You did not ask about our identity.
“Sorry!” Harry flushed.
“What’s the bloody Malfoy boy doing here Harry?” Mad eye’s prosthetic eye rolled towards the ceiling towards Harry’s room.
“Harry! Arabella informed us about werewolf howl in this area and also presence of Mr. Malfoy. We came here to found two werewolves were running in this area. Thank Merlin! Nobody was hurt.”
“Where is your wand Harry? Why are you not armed in these dangerous days?” Moody asked.
“I.. my wand is locked away along with my trunk in the cupboard” Harry winced.
“What nonsense!” Moody snarled as he opened the cupboard door and all the locks on the trunk opened with one swift wand movement. Harry inwardly grinned as he put his wand back to his pant pocket. Vernon’s face was grim and determined as he retrieved some courage and spoke out
“I do not want your hocus-pocus beat of wood in my house and neither have I wanted another of you living under my roof.”
This turned the conversation back towards Malfoy.
“What is he doing here Harry? Did he try to curse you? Did he bring those Weres?” Mr. Weasley asked as Alastor climbed the stairs.
“I’ll kill the boy! After everything how dare he..”
“Please Alastor! He is hurt and unconscious. Death eaters are after him.” Harry pleaded barricading the door before Moody and Arthur broke into his room.
“What?”Mr. Weasley exclaimed.
“He came here badly hurt. He asked for sanctuary. It seems Malfoys lost their favour from Dark lord. The werewolves are after him probably. He lost consciousness soon after.” Harry tried to explain.
“This could be a trick. A great plot to sabotage you.” Alastor protested.
“But any wizard with evil intention towards Harry cannot find this house.” Arthur bit back.
“But after bringing death eaters on the Hogwarts and killing Dumbledore he proved his loyalty!” Moody barged on the room.
“But he did not kill Dumbledore. He was in distress for the whole year. He even wanted to take help from Dumbldore and lowered his wand” Harry came between Moody’s wand and Draco.
Then they heard the shuddering breath of Malfoy. He was almost convulsing trying to breath.
“I am calling Pomfrey” Arthur burst out the room.
Harry tried to soothe Malfoy. Somehow when trying to argue for Draco and saying facts about Dumbledore’s murder made Harry realize that Draco did not want to kill the head master. He was also a victim.
“I want to interrogate him under veritaserum.” Moody sighed.
Pomfrey came along with Arthur. She ran a diagnosis spell soon after entering. Her face became pale. She muttered some quick spell on Draco and the breathing became easier.
“I need someone to assist me.” Poppy said.
Mr. Weasley became flustered and Mad eye grunted with revulsion.
“I’ll assist you madam Pomfrey.” Harry volunteered.
“But Mr. Potter you are so young and his injuries are severe. I do not want a young mind like you witness such horror!”
“I’ll assist you Pomfrey” Mr. Weasley said but Harry countered it “Madam Pomfrey! I am not just a young boy. I am Harry Potter. People believe I’ll be their saviour and will win against Lord Voldemort” everybody winced at the name, “I am going to face a lot of horror in the future and may be witnessing it first hand will prepare me to face it finally.”
“He is right Pomfrey!” Moody agreed.
“Ok Harry! If you must” Pomfrey agreed at last.
“We’ll be down in the living room” Arthur said as he and Moody descended down.
“Please help me undress him. I need to see his injuries.” Pomfrey commanded on her most professional no nonsense voice.
Harry was flustered to see Malfoy naked but he was horrified to see his injuries. All most all his body was covered in bruises and bloodied.
Poppy healed Draco’s head first, then his broken ribs which was the main reason for his trouble breathing, then his broken hand. She tried to heal as much bruises as she could. Harry gasped as he helped Draco turn over. So severe was his injuries and rape. Harry could not even look at his opening without vomiting.
“He needs to be clean before any treatment or we’ll risk infection.” Pomfrey said.
With Harry’s help they took Draco to the bathroom and conjured a bath for him. Pomfrey slowly but thoroughly cleansed him. When they laid a still unconscious Malfoy to Harry’s bed Poppy closed his wounds and applied salve. She applied another ointment on his ribs, head, left hand and other bruises. Then she summoned a blanket and covered him.
“This will do for the moment.” She told “but when he wakes up feed him these potions” she handed Harry three vials “and administer them twice daily after that. Also apply these salves on his wound twice. He will be on liquid diet for three days.” She handed another potion “this will supplement food. Give him enough liquid.” Poppy instructed.
Harry followed Pomfrey as she left Harry’s room. As soon as they came to drawing room Arthur and Moody approached.
“I want an explanation right now!” Moody growled.
“Well! I already said he came here for sanctuary as he was hunted down by deatheaters. Before he could tell anymore he collapsed.” Harry told again.
“And Pomfrey? How is he?” Arthur asked.
Madam Pomfrey’s face was grim but determined.
“He is gravely injured. He was tortured by cruciatus for a long time. His nerves suffer a great damage due to it. He had concussion, his ribs and left hand broken. He was beaten and raped brutally by more than one person.”
Arthur became pale hearing it.
“This must be a trick” Moody was still determined.
“I do not think he faked it. I did not find any masochistic tendencies on Mr. Malfoy during last six years.” She defended Malfoy.
Moody nodded finally and then said “I still want a veriteserum confession from him. When is he going to wake up?” he asked.
“He needs rest. I hope he’ll gain consciousness by tomorrow afternoon.” Madam Pomfrey said.
“We’ll be here by tomorrow evening,” Moody said “Will you have any problem looking after him Harry or we can carry him to other places.”
“I will advise against his moving from here. It’ll cause him more harm.” Pomfrey said.
“I’ll look after him Alastor.” Harry said finally.
“We talked to your muggle relatives Harry and they promised they will not bother you until Draco heals.” Arthur said.
As he said that Harry realized they are not at their living room.
“Where are they?” He asked curious.
“Well! They went to dinner at some big hotel for the night. Do not worry. They’ll be back in the morning.” Arthur’s eyes were mischievous like George and Fred.
Soon they left and Harry sat beside Draco holding his hand as he tried to soothe him from his nightmares.

When The Tides Turn (Chapter 6)

Draco fell on his knees and vomited. He was numb. His mind was in too much pain to decipher anything. He only knew there was a raw wound in his heart that he did not want to prod at the moment.
‘No. 4 Private Drive.’ That was his destination he remembered. So he stood shakily and dragged his battered body through the identical row of houses.
‘No.12, No. 11,No.10, No.9, No.8’ Draco’s step faltered. The pain potion has long been worn off. The pain made his head swim. Still he continued. Only three houses more.
He crossed the front garden, stood in front of the door and knocked with all his might.
XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHarry was lying on his bed thinking about horecruxes. ‘ The locket, Hupplepuff’s cup, the snake and something from Ravenclaw or Gryffindor.’ They already destroyed the diary. But the locket was fake. The locket that made Dumbledore so weak that even Malfoy can overpower him. But, still there was hope. Malfoy was almost ready to take Dumbledore’s offer and take refuge but the evil bastard Snape killed Dumbledore before anything. Harry punched the hard wood of the bed in anger. Anger for Snape for killing Dumbledore, for Malfoy for bringing death eaters in Hogwarts, for Albus because his inability to protect himself and thrusting such huge responsibility on Harry and anger for himself because he could not do anything. Even after everything he lost again against Snape and the bastard and Malfoy ran away.
After Dumbledor’s funeral he returned to Private Drive. He planned with Ron and Hermione that they would not return to school this year. With Dumbledore gone the school would not be safe for them. Instead they were going to search for horecruxes from Grimmauld palace. Ron and Hermione did not inform about this decision to their parents yet. Harry knew Molly would go nuts hearing about this and he felt guilty for doing this with his friends. But he needed them. Without them he could not handle this huge burden placed upon him.
Life in Private Drive was better than previous few years. The Dursleys seemed to avoid him which was nice for a change. He still woke early, made food and did all the chores. He did gardening and ironing after that. It was nice. It took his mind off things. He hid some books under his loose floor board beneath his bed which he read during his spare time.
Harry was trying to read the book on ancient artefacts for last fifteen minutes but his mind was wandering off on his own. Suddenly he heard a loud knock on his front door. Hedwig hooted in annoyance.
“Boy! Answer the bloody door! It was one of your people.” A very purple faced Vernon shouted “Let him go away before anyone sees him. He is wearing a cloak for goodness sake.”
Harry bolt upright. Who has come? Is it Order of Phoenix? Did the deatheaters finally overpower the wards?
He ran to the front door and stared through peep hole. The man was blonde but his hair was matted with something. He was kneeling on the door step, his head bowed, his hand clutching his mid-section.
‘Is it a trap? But anyone with evil intention towards him would be unable to identify and enter this house.
Harry took a deep breath and opened the door.
It was Malfoy. Harry recognized him just by looking at his hair. It was the joke of the century. Malfoy. Harry’s enemy and rival was sitting on the front of his door.
“What are you doing here?” Harry asked angrily.
Malfoy lifted his head. His face was bruised and bloodied, eyes swollen and blackened, chapped lips bleeding, hair covered in blood. His grey eyes despite its injuries were stormy with emotion.
“I am asking what you are doing in my house?” Harry snarled, Dumbledore’s face flashed through his mind “trying to bring deatheaters inside like Hogwarts?”
Draco was speechless. What was he doing here? How can he describe what happened in these three days. How his mother, Severus and he tried to escape dark lord’s clutches and failed. How his father died trying to save him. How he was responsible for his parents and godfather’s death.
“I what Malfoy?”
“I need help.” Draco hesitated “Death eaters are after me.” Somewhere far away a howl can be heard. Draco shivered. Tonight is the night of full moon.
“What?” Harry was beyond astonished.
“I…I need sanctuary Potter.”
“What? Why? What about your parents? Are they with them?”
“No. We lost dark lord’s favour.”
Harry was angry with the situation. He was angry with Malfoy. How dare he come here looking for help after what he did to Dumbledore.
“So, the Malfoys have lost favour!” Harry wriggled his eye brow “I am wondering what they did to be at receiving end of Voldemort’s wrath!” Harry mocked, his inside was burning with anger as he remember Dumbledore’s helpless figure at the mercy of Draco’s wand “May be Voldemort got bored with your mother. She cannot bring him to pleasure anymore. That’s it. Isn’t it?”
As the word left his mouth Harry knew he overdid it this time. But the words were already left and if that made Malfoy go away he would not return his word. Malfoy never leaves any opportunity to insult Lily or Molly. So, why not he?
A wandtip poked at his rib as he found out Draco’s crouched figure pointing his wand at his heart.
“DO NOT TALK ANYTHING ABOUT HER” Draco gritted through his teeth, his voice raspy and eyes murderous “You are not worthy enough to talk about my parents!” Draco was panting “I’ll go away. I do not need your help. I was wrong assuming you lot are better persons than them. But you are same. Petty, vicious and cruel who take pleasure on other’s pain and helplessness.”
Harry was speechless. That ferrety git came to his house asking for sanctuary. What did he think? Harry would welcome him with open arms like they are best pals? And then he dared to train his wand on Harry. A little voice chirped inside his mind that he deserved it this time.
“I do not care what happened to you Malfoy. Whatever happens with you and your parents you deserve it.” Harry was cruel.
“No! My parents did not deserve it!” Draco’s wand shook as his hand trembled, his eyes stormy with unsaid pain but his face determined as another howl was heard from somewhere “I will not bother you Potter. Forget I came here first place” Draco tried to stand up from his sitting position but he fell. He tried again and this time with the help from wall he stood trembling on his feet. His whole world was blurred with pain.
Harry saw a very agitated Draco tried to stand and falling down. His whole body was trembling violently. He was shocked to see Draco’s reaction to his words. He assumed that Draco would react violently and would insult Harry’s parents in return. But never did he thought he would defend his parents honour so strongly without insulting Harry’s parents a single time. Draco’s words impacted on his mind. “Petty! Vicious! Cruel! Who takes pleasure on other’s pain and helplessness!”
‘Didn’t he act the same? When someone asked him for help and sanctuary he insulted the person’s parents driving them away fully knowing may be death was awaiting him. Harry knew a werewolf’s howl when he hears the sound.
When Malfoy stood supporting the wall Harry finally noticed it. The blood! Thick and dark pooled at the place where Draco was seated. He turned and stared at Draco again and saw the heavy damage to his face, his bloodied hair and the odd way his left arm was bent.
Draco was afraid to take steps. He feared he would fall down with vertigo. The after effects of cruciatus, his beatings at the hand of fellow death eaters, the violent rapes and the recent battle had finally taken toll on his body. He was exhausted and in severe pain. But he needed to go. He should go before Potter insults his parents again. He could not bear it. Very cautiously he took his first step, but as he feared with it his vision blurred, the world tilted and floor came up to hit his head.
Harry watched as Draco took step and began to fall down on the hard floor. Instinctively he reached out and held him around waist to prevent his fall.
Draco’s vision darkened. He knew he had not fallen. A strong pair of hands was now holding him, protecting him. With this knowledge he fell into depth of unconsciousness.

When The Tides Turn (Chapter 5)

Draco has never felt the Manor creepy despite its vastness and lack of inhabitants. But a chill ran through him as he followed Severus and his mother through the empty hall. They escaped the dungeons and climbed up the stairs without difficulty. Severus had already stupefied the guards guarding the dungeon. They reached an empty passage when the first attack came up. Two death eater spotted them and tried to stop them but before anything Severus cursed one back. Narcissa stupified the other. The real danger did not come until they reached the entrance hall. Seven death eaters faced them including Bellatrix, Lestrange brothers and Greyback.
“Tut! tut! Game over! we found you my little sister and good for nothing nephew.” Bella mocked “though you prove again why we are called sisters Cissy! Who would have thought you’d kill the rodent Wormtail and escape like that? You would have been great like me if you were truly devoted to Dark lord.”
“I am nothing like you Bella” Narcissa snarled pointing her word directly towards her “I despise you. You sold your soul to that monster! You are unworthy to be called human. You are even lesser than a muggle!”
“How dare you! Crucio” Bella threw the curse fuming but Severus blocked it with a golden shield.
“You bastard! I knew you were a traitor. I’ll kill you” Bellatrix screamed.
Rodolphus cast a sickly yellow spell but Draco countered it with a protego. Soon after it turned into a battle scene. Red, yellow, green, a rainbow of colors flied everywhere. Despite taking the pain potions Draco hurt while breathing. The most difficult part was to attack Greyback as curses seemed to have difficulty penetrating his werewolf skin just before the full moon night.
“Reducto” Draco cried out loud. Aiming the chandelier overhead. A shrill came before a death eater collapse under it.
“Epichloe typhina” Rabastan cried. Draco began to choke . His already injured rib hurt as he tried to breath. The feeling soon disappeared as Snape casted Sectumsempra on Rabastan cutting off his arm.
“Ignis animus” Rodolphus cried out in fury. Severus’s knees gave away as his very soul burned in hellish fire.
Narcissa was fighting two deatheaters and and Fenrir single handedly and was losing. Bella and Rodolphus was busy tending Rodolphus. Drco did not know how to recover Severus. Severus must survive if they are to win this battle.
“Argentum acidum” Draco cried aiming at Greyback’s eyes. Fenrir howled in pain as the silver acid burned his eyes.
“Lacera” Narcissa cried out at the other death eater taking the help of the diversion.
“Serpensortia” Draco aimed at the other.
“Mother! Please help Severus. He is..”
“Reducto” Draco slumped at Bella’s curse. Next Rodolphus cried “Avada kedavra”
Draco casted a shield charm with all his power.
“ Delinio pax!” Narcissa sat beside Snape and tried to recover him by saying the spell over and over.
“Mother..” Draco’s shield was breaking with onslaught of curses. The other deatheater seemed to have killed Draco’s snake. Fenrir also seemed to recovering from pain.
A spell broke through Draco’s shield and slashed his arm. His shield failed. But before anything Severus said “Fumo Scutum” and a deep all consuming smoke covered them.
“Muffiliato” Severus casted again.
“Narcissa! You must take Draco and flee.” The potion master said “while I fight them and keep them distracted.”
“No but Narcissa. We must ensure Draco’s safety first. As the battle is going on we are going to lose. And what if the Dark lord arrives? He is going to come here this night. What if they summoned him right now?”
All confusion left Narcissa and a determination came over her. She hold Draco’s hand and retreated.
“Mother..” Draco was afraid for his god father.
“Stop Draco! This is a war.” Narcissa dragged Draco to a room and then a secret passage.
“But he’ll die mother!” Draco screamed.
“Your protection is my first priority Draco and I’ll do anything for that” Narcissa’s eyes were fierce with motherly love.
Draco and Narcissa escaped on the west side of the garden. The sky was orange with setting rays of sun. The peacocks were no where to be seen. May be they sensed the battle and took refuge in the deeper parts of the garden. There was a fountain a few meter away from them. A silver statue of an witch with giant serpent wrapped around her body poured water from her wand. The scene was of complete serenity and tranquility. Draco and Narcissa did not pay any attention to this scenic beauty as they ran towards the wards.
Draco was breathless. His lungs aching. The effects of pain potion was wearing off. Only 50 meter left.
“Bang!” A part of the manor hall crumbled followed by a manic laughter of his aunt.
“Come on Draco!” Narcissa ran as fast she could.
Only 30 meter now. Narcissa gripped her hand as agony flowed through her dark mark.
“Run Draco! He is coming!” Narcissa shrieked.
Draco took hold of Narcissa’s elbow and ran. A purple spell ran past him as he heard Rodolphus’s voice “Freeze! You have nowhere to run. Surrender Narcissa or you’ll both be killed. You know Severus is already dead.”
Greyback and Bellatrix joined him.
Narcissa eyed the ward. Only 10 meter left.
“You know he is coming.” Bellla said.
“Mother! May be if I surrender they’ll spare you.”Draco said in hope against hope. But Narcissa did not lower her wand. She only took off her ring and shoved it against Draco’s hand.
“Run Draco! I’ll take care of them” She said as she casted her first spell.
“No mother! Please! I can’t leave you here.”
The death eaters only few feet away from them now. But suddenly they all felt a very powerful oppressive presence. Dark lord himself is coming.
“Draco. I order you to run!”
Draco could not do it. How can he leave Narcissa knowing only death awaits her.
The dark lord materialize in front of them and casted a killing curse towards Draco. His face was contorted in fury. Narcissa drag Draco from its path and it just ran past his ears. She conjured a golden shield surrounding them.
“Remember I loved you Draco. Both Lucius and I did!” Narcissa’s face was savage like a tigress. Just as her golden shield crumbled she suddenly turned her wand towards Draco and cried “Reducto!”
As Draco flew past the Manor ward he felt pull of portkey at his navel. The last thing he saw was Narcissa’s body illuminated in green light as she fell slowly towards ground and a raven flew past her head towards the setting sun.

When The Tides Turn (Chapter 4)

Draco was thirsty. His entire body was aching. He could not stop shivering as he laid in the dark dungeon of the Malfoy Manor. When he first wake up here he met with cruel beatings. He was sure more than one ribs were broken. During cruciatus by dark lord, he had broken his left arm. He cracked his head when the death eaters shoved him down the stairs. He was afraid how horrible and painful his death would be on tonight. But more than all, he was anxious for Narcissa. His beautiful mother was suffering for his failure. It was a nightmare with no end. He could not think how she was coping under Dark lord’s torture. He did not even want to think about the words dark lord told him about his mother. He would willingly take Narcissa’s place if it could save her. His entire being filled with detest for himself. He could not even protect his mother. He wanted to die at the moment. He hoped Greyback would kill him soon.
He tried to remember the old days. Days with happy memories. When both of his parents were alive.Oh how naïve he was used to be. He used to think they were the best family in wizarding world. ‘Pureblood!’.He believed they were best because they had the longest pureblood line. He was shocked when he discovered about the dark lord’s blood status. He could not reason why his pureblood father was bowing before a mudblood wizard. Now, he was lower than mudblood Granger whom he taunted during the entire school life without any reason. He wanted to apologize to her before his death. He knew he owed apology towards Weasly because now he knew being rich did not make anyone superior. He wanted forgiveness from Longbottom now that he knew what Neville must have felt when he made fun of his crippled parents.
His thoughts stopped when he heard the sound of his door’s opening. He cringed anticipating more pain. Could not they leave him alone?
“Draco?” the intruder called his name. The voice was full of fear. Was that his mother’s voice. Was he having a hallucination?
“Lumos” another male voice said. The room illuminated showing blurry forms of Narcissa and Severus.
“M-o-t-h-e-r” Draco’s voice a mere whisper. May be it was some sick game of Voldemort but he could not resist calling to her even with the soreness of his throat.
Narcissa ran towards Draco and hug him close. She knelt beside him. Tears trickled down her grey eyes as she tried to decipher the damage done towards her son.
Draco watched his mother’s crying form. Her face was gaunt. Dark circles formed around her eyes and already some of her strands turned grey. He lifted his hand to wipe away her tears.
“Now Narcissa! We do not have time for this. We must escape before anyone notice your absence.” Severus interfered finally.
Draco finally turned his eyes towards Severus. His mind immediately filled with hatred.
“Why do you care? It is because of you this fate befallen us!” Draco accused.
“Draco, Severus is oath bound to protect you.” Narcissa replied instead.
“Then why did he bring me here in the first place?”
“I did not realize the depth of dark lord’s wrath. I hoped he would give you lighter punishment. But I realize my mistake soon after he started torturing you. And after what you did there is no way to save myself without rescuing you first.” Severus said.
“So you are saving me to save your own arse. You slimy bastard..”
“Enough Draco! He saved me from Bella’s clutches.” Narcissa interjected.
“What did they do to you mother?” It is a question Draco was afraid to ask.
“After dark lord had his way with me he gave me to Bella.” She winced at this point “sufficed to say she was as capable and maniac as her reputation is. If Severus did not distract her and did not made her go away…” Narcissa stopped. “Bella made Wormtail watch over me. I seduced him and sliced his throat. I was escaping when Severus joined me. He helped me reach towards your cell”
“Drink this. A pain relieving potion for you” Severus gave him a bottle of potion and covered him with his robes. We must escape the manor’s ward before we try apparition or portkeying. Dark lord became the lord of manor after killing its previous owner and the ward is keyed to him now.
“You will also need this.” Narcissa returned Draco’s wand.” Bella was keeping it as souvenir.
“All right! I’ll be leading.” Severus’s voice was determined.
“Where are we going?” Draco could not help but ask.
“To Potter’s. It is the safest place at the moment.” Severus replied.
“But.. ” Draco protested.
“No but Draco, just follow me. We are running out of time” Severus said as he opened the door.

When The Tides Turn (Chapter 3)

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

When The Tides Turn (Chapter 2)

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

When The Tides Turn (Chapter 1)

It had been five days since Dumbledore’s death Draco was locked in his room in Malfoy Manor. No, not five days, actually three days. After Dumbledore’s death Snape took him to Spinner’s End. But only after two days Snape returned him to Malfoy Manor on Dark Lord’s demand. He was reluctant to go back as he knew punishment must be waiting for his failure. But though Snape felt guilty, he certainly did not want to put himself under Dark Lord’s wrath. Draco knew he could not fight back Snape, so grudgingly, reluctantly he returned.
There was a soft knock on his door and the door opened. It was Wormtail. His parents were prohibited to meet him since his arrival. Wormtail brought him food twice a day. He let out a sigh as he thought at least he was locked in his room and not in dungeon.
“He is here” Wormtail said “and he wants to meet you”
Whatever color left in Draco’s face drained out. He did not meet Dark Lord since he failed his mission and he knew whenever the day will come, it will not be good for him. And to his surprise the day has come already.
“Come” Wormtail said.
Bids of sweat were forming on his face. He could not move his legs.
“Come or I’ll have to force you” Wormtail demanded pointing his wand towards Draco.
Stripped of his wand Draco felt helpless as he moved his leg reluctantly.
“Hurry” Wormtail grabbed his wrist and howled him downstairs.
On the drawing room Dark Lord sat on the throne and death eaters stood circling him. Among them he recognized the distinctive figures of his parents and Severus.
“You asked for me my lord!” Draco said as he bowed in front of Dark Lord.
“Yesss my youngest Death eater, I want to see you” Dark lord’s voice hissed in silence. It sounded as cold and empty as that of a snake.
“Sssso, would you like to explain why did you fail in your assignment?”
Draco did not lift his head. His mind was furiously working. He knew the question will be put in front of him since the event but still he could not prepare any answer that will satisfy the Dark Lord.
“I ….I was nervous my lord” He stuttered, not looking at the Dark Lord.
“Really? or you felt pity towards that old coot” Voldemort asked sarcastically.
“No…No my Lord”
“Let me see then or are you afraid to meet my eyes Draco”
Draco lifted his sweaty face. He knew by now he is soon going to die. The moment he was afraid of has come. Yes! He felt pity for Dumbledore that day. Not only pity but an overwhelming surge of respect towards the old man. He was astonished to find the Headmaster so calm and peaceful even in the face of death. His respect only increased when Dumbledore told him he knew Draco’s plan all along and had not done anything to save Draco from Voldemort’s wrath. He even offered sanctuary for him and for his family. Somehow the old man understood his pain and suffering that nobody even tried to understand.
The Dark Lord’s eyes bore into him as he hastily tried to put on a occlumency shield. He cried out in pain as he felt his occlumency shield shatter and his brain smashed into pieces.
“Traitor!” Dark lord’s high pitch voice seemed to come towards him from far away. He opened his eyes and found Dark Lord’s wand pointed towards him.
“How dare you respect Dumbledore of all people? Why? Because he seemed to understand you? Offered you and your family refuge? Or he saved you from being a murderer?” Voldemort laughed at this point “You coward! He was an old fool who brought his own death by trying to save you and now you will follow his path” Voldemort’s cruel voice rang throughout the hall as he shrieked
Draco gasped in pain as his body felt on fire. His skin burned, muscles charred, the fire seemed to burn his very bones, tear his every nerves as heart wrenching scream came out from his mouth. He writhed in pain as he screamed again and again. The world lost from him as he felt white hot of the pain. But in the midst of the scream he heard his mother’s cry and helpless plea and aunt Bella’s mad cackling laughter.

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